CRESCO e-Solution offers Products that specialize in External and Internal Interface for SAP® ERP.
We have a complete set of line-up for Integrating systems dispersed Externally and Internally, Providing a simple Interface between systems, and easy data retrieval.

  • ConnectPlusGT

    SAP® ERP Specific Data Link Station

    Connecting SAP® ERP with External/Internal Systems for Dataflow.

  • ConnectPlus

    SAP® Certified ALE Converter

    Speedy interaction with Internal systems by utilizing Standard Interface functions of SAP® ERP.

  • ConnectPlusET

    SAP® ERP Data Retrieval Tool

    Non-Programming data retrieval of SAP® ERP, Query execution result data, repository table data.

Product Comparison

Funcsions ConnectPlusGT ConnectPlus ConnectPlusET
SAP® ERP Connecting functions
SAP® ERP Data Transmission Sending / Receiving Sending / Receiving Receiving
SAP® Standard Interface (IDoc/ALE) ×
SAP® Query / Table Data Retrieval ×
Translator Functions
Data Conversion / Processing ×
Character code conversion
Flow Control Functions
Flow Control ×
Multiple input/output source setting ×
Internface with External Systems
Connection methods Standard inbuilt adaptor
(Database / FTP / File)
User specified command execution
or Database
User specified command execution


*1)Representing only UTF-8 Japanese 1 ~ 3 byte.

*2)Only Input, Max 3 files